Penny stock to add to your Watchlist

Penny stock to add to your Watchlist

Penny Stock to add to your watchlistTo find a penny stock to add to your watchlist you need to analyse the opportunities good. Our latest find is Franchise Holdings International (OTCQB:FNHI).



This company is a great penny stock to invest in and we believe that tremendous growth can be gain by this stock in both revenues as connected to that the price valuation.

Penny stock to add to your watchlist

Franchise holdings International is a holding company that invests in fast growing companies with a proven sales record. Their main company they invested in at this moment is called Worksport. Worksport is an fast growing and innovative tonneau cover manufacture. Aldo a tonneau cover may look like a boring product it opposite is true!

Some important facts we looked at:

  1. No convertible debts
  2. Tight share structure (just 122M outstanding shares!)
    CEO managed to keep this without taking toxic debts and retired 100M of his own shares!.
  3. Experienced management team with proven track record
  4. Viable business model with proven sales track record
  5. Will receive growth funding of 450K on CSE listing later 2018 to accelerate sales growth

We have Exciting expectations for this company on the short AND long term

Soon uplisting to the OTC: QB and after that to the CSE (Canadian Stock Exchange), according to the CSE requirements offering prices start at $0,10 (current price of FNHI is around 0,027) that would be almost 4 times more already this year!

Read more about this penny stock and add it to your watchlist

Check out the corporate website of FNHI: according to us its one of the best companies to invest in on the OTC at this moment.
Of course this is not investment advice but just an opinion, do your research yourself and you can also join our chat community where we talk about this investment opportunity and other penny stock opportunities. It helps to discuss for the good and the bad! Hope to talk to you soon!
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